• Who We Are

    Leveraging technology to improve patient health


    AdaptivMD provides Remote Patient Monitoring System (RPM) for seniors who want to maintain their independent living while staying connected with their family and healthcare team. Our system is smart, easy, and efficient, which allows healthcare providers to manage chronic patients remotely while yielding a positive revenue stream for their practice. A comprehensive and flexible platform centralizes patient data by leveraging technology to make timely health decisions to improve patient outcomes.

Company Vision

    Our vision is to leverage technology to bring people closer together. We believe that telemedicine and remote monitoring will reduce health disparities, improve quality of life, and allow people to maintain independent lives longer. Put simply, properly used, our solutions create connections, support communities, and help people stay out of hospitals.

A Whole Patient Solution

    We always innovate our system and platform to best meet the needs of clinicians and the health systems.

    • Reduce health disparities
    • Improve the quality of life
    • Allow people, especially our seniors, to live independently longer
    • Create connections between patients, providers, and families
    • Help people avoid visits to clinics, hospitals, and emergency rooms
    • Improve support for communities

    Connect with us to begin a new era of healthcare for all!